Death Impact Video – 3 Taxi Passengers & Driver Killed Instantly Truck Collision!

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While watching the video, notice after the impact how both women seem to be dead instantly. The man in the middle appears to have a slither of life remaining and drifts away slowly.

Death Impact Video – 3 Taxi Passengers & Driver Killed Instantly Truck Collision!

On the Yaojiazui section of “Yigong Road” from Yibin to Gongxian County, Sichuan, a taxi traveling from Gongxian County to Yibin collided with a truck on the opposite side.

According to passers-by at the scene, the left side of the taxi was hit and dented, and at least three occupants were pulled out of the car, placed on the side of the road and covered with a cloth.

Fire rescue personnel rushed to rescue after the incident, cutting the car body and trying to rescue the driver who was still trapped in the cab. The man fell down in the co-pilot position and did not move.

On the night of the 25th, there was a suspected car surveillance video circulated in several WeChat groups in Yibin, showing that there were three people sitting in the back row at the time of the incident, two women and one man, and one of the young female passengers wearing glasses had been engrossed in playing with her mobile phone beforehand. After the moment of the collision, the video was not interrupted, showing that the three people in the back row had not moved. An insider in Gongxian County, who did not want to be named, told Red Star News that the taxi was driving from Gongxian City to Yibin, and the incident occurred only about three kilometers from the nearest point in Yibin City.