5 Quick & Fun Facts To Share with Family & Friends

We all enjoy having interesting things to discuss when we get together with our family & friends. Not only do fun facts make perfect conversation starters. They’re also a great way to fill dead air when a conversation has run dry. While also making you seem interesting & smart at the same time.

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Enough of that, to the facts!

The World’s Longest Living Dwarf

The World's Longest Living Dwarf

Zeenat Bi, an Indian woman who stood a mere 3 ft tall from head to toe was the oldest recorded dwarf in history. According to her voter identity card, at the time of her death on April 6th, 2016 she was an amazing 106 years, 96 days old.

The world’s Largest commercially available hot dog

The world's Largest commercially available hot dog
  • 7 Lbs
  • 16″ Long
  • 4″ Diameter
  • 100% beef and pork
  • 40 servings per dog
  • Invented in Chicago, IL USA
  • Sale Price = $169.95

I don’t know about you, but hunger isn’t what I feel while looking at the image of the 7 lb hotdog above. I absolutely love regular hot dogs but this one just makes me queasy.

Elephant Dung Coffee

Anantara Hotel in Golden Triangle, Thailand.

If you find yourself at The Anantara Hotel in Golden Triangle, Thailand. You’ll want to stear clear of the coffee bar. You can thank me later.

That’s because the Anantara Hotel is the only place in the world selling coffee made from beans collected from Elephant Dung. A single cup of this coffee will set you back $50. Here I was thinking Starbucks prices were outrageous.

Only the Wealthy could wear Blue

In 16th Century Europe Blue Pigment was more expensive than gold.

We take for granted the world wide trade that’s become our norm. As you know, it wasn’t always this way, with most products being localized or extremely expensive. There’s no product a better example of this than blue pigment.

In 16th century Europe, pigment for the color blue was more expensive than gold. So, if you were European and you weren’t of the wealthy class, you could forget about getting your hands on it.

Did you know there’s an Elephant that speaks Korean?

Kosik the Elephant that speaks Korean.

Kosik a 31 year old male Indian Elephant living at the Everland Theme Park in Yongin, South Korea has a unique talent. He made headlines in September 2006 when it was discovered he could imitate the Korean words for yes, no, sit, lie down and four other words.

He makes the sounds by putting his trunk in his mouth and shaking it while exhaling, similar to the way a human whistles with fingers in their mouth. There’s no mention of whether or not coffee beans are laying around on the floor of his enclosure

Hopefully you enjoyed these 5 Quick & Fun Facts. The fact you haven’t shared this with your friends and family yet tells me you want to hoard all the information for yourself. Not Cool, lol.

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