A Man in Turkey Has Been Shot & Killed By His Own Dog!

A Man in Turkey Was Sho & Milled By His Own Dog!

A 32-year-old man in Turkey was reportedly shot and killed by his own dog after the canine stepped on the trigger of a shotgun and it fired at him.

Ozgur Gevrekoglu was killed while out hunting with his friend in the Kızlan Plateau, in the Samsun Province of Turkey, the newspaper Turkiye reported.

While putting his dog into his car, the animal’s paw touched the loaded weapon and the rifle fired at Gevrekoglu from a short distance. He was taken to the hospital after the incident and later pronounced dead.

Gevrekoglu’s body has since been taken to the Alacam State Hospital morgue and an investigation is underway to understand more details about his death.

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