Beautiful Woman In Costa Rica Gunned Down By Hitmen on Motorcycle

The number of hit men stories seem to have no end in Costa Rica and the violence increases day after day.

This Tuesday, January 10, at 9:00 pm, a woman was shot in San Juan de Dios de Desamparados by two hit men who were traveling on a motorcycle.

According to information from the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), the victim is Liliam Agüero Chavarría, 34 years old, who was driving the vehicle.

The OIJ announced that the hitmen took advantage of the fact that the driver was trapped in a dam and it was at that exact moment that they took the opportunity to shoot her multiple times.

The victim received multiple shots that caused extremely delicate injuries to her skull, chest and arms. The gunmen fled the site immediately.

Paramedics from the Costa Rican Red Cross (CRC) arrived at the scene and found the female still with vital signs.

She was transferred in critical condition, however she died on the way.