Biker is Horrifically Burned After Bikes Collide in Columbia – Story, Video & Images

On Wednesday afternoon, a fatal accident occurred in the Arenera sector in Puerto Wilches, Santander Department, Colombia.

Two motorbikes collided and caused an explosion, resulting in severe burns to those involved in the incident. The flames burned 90% of J.D.P.’s body.

The 60-year-old man died after being taken to a medical centre. He had crashed into a 23 year old man identified as A.M.C.Y.

According to a member of the local fire brigade: “When we arrived at the site we found a person on the side of the road asking for help and in the middle of the road there was a burnt motorbike. The fire brigade unit provided initial assistance to the man, who had burns to 90 percent of his body. The other young man had an injury to his forehead and femur.”