Video of Psychopath Entering Brazilian School And Opening Fire, Shooting 2 Lovers!

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — A former student entered a school and then began shooting in Brazil’s southern Parana state Monday, killing a 16-year-old girl and severely wounding another teen, a spokesperson for the city of Cambé told The Associated Press by phone

The gunman, aged 20 or 21, entered the Professora Helena Kolody state school purportedly to retrieve some documents, spokesperson Thiago Mossini said.Once inside the building, the man fired at least a dozen shots before being restrained by a school employee, Mossini said. The alleged shooter was later arrested by police, Mossini said.

The wounded student, a 17-year-old, remains in critical condition, the University Hospital of Londrina said in a statement Monday evening. The medical team said that while it was necessary to place a catheter, the patient’s critical state did not allow for him to be transported to the surgery room at the moment.

The boy’s father, Rodrigo Augusto, told TV network Globo News earlier Monday the bullet was still lodged in his son’s head. “It’s my birthday today, we usually stay together all day on my birthday, and then… today I couldn’t in the morning ,” Augusto said.

Images circulating on TV and social media showed dozens of students gathered outside the school, some crying, as an ambulance approached the gate.Brazil has seen almost two dozen attacks or violent episodes in schools since 2000, half of them in the last 14 months.