Capital Records Drops First AI Rapper FN Meka for Saying the N Word

Capital Records Drops First AI Rapper FN Meka for Saying the N Word
Capital Records Drops First AI Rapper for Saying the N Word

Just days after news broke that AI-powered virtual rapper FN Meka had signed a deal with Capitol Records, the label announced it has dropped the ’bot following backlash.

The opposition to FN Meka apparently received a strong push from @industryblkout, a “unified body of Black people in the industry committed to changing the community” on Twitter, who published a hard stance statement against Capitol Records and the Meka project on Tuesday calling it an “abomination and disrespectful to real people who face real consequences in real life

An example of the lyrics the Artificial Intelligence rapper FN Meka says in his song i

“Moonwalkin’ with a shawty in the lobby/Feel like Hank Hill when I raise the Bobby (Bobby)/I don’t see no niggas like we playin’ hockey (Hockey).”

FN Meka – ‘Moonwalkin’

Industry Blackout has released a statement in the wake of virtual AI rapper FN Meka being dropped from Capitol Records. The organization sent an open letter to the label earlier today, calling for the artist and label to terminate its partnership.

“We feel it it is a great victory that Capitol Records terminated their contract with FN Meka however, the fact this happened to begin with shows how much work is still ahead of us,” the statement starts. “We’re glad the people amplified our voices to be heard so quickly on a Black issue, and that our action led to results. This should set a precedent that shows how Black and Brown voices can unify behind issues and get things done.”

“There was a great opportunity to do something innovative with hip hop and tech. Tech should be used to amplify the culture and there’s still a chance to do so—the right way. At the end of the day, we’ve been about the people since inception and continue to focus on our community. At every turn we will stand up when needed.”

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