Another Columbian Thief Being Tortured In The Street! ⚠️ GRUESOME & GRAPHIC ⚠️

Columbian Thief Punished By Having His Arms Severed!

According to the information currently available, the video below was recorded in Santander, in the Quilichao area of Columbia. It shows the aftermath of a brutal amount of vigilante justice, which has been handed down onto an accused thief. There was no trial, no attorneys, no evidence & no jurors but someone has most definitely assigned themselves this mans judge.

A large number of people surround a man who is in agony in the middle of the street. He appears to be in a state of shock, most likely due to the severe amount of pain he’s undoubtedly experiencing. One man does come to his aid by tying his arms his arms off in an attempt to stop blood loss.

It’s unknown which members of the crowd administered the biblical style justice. What is clear is the man finds himself with both arms nearly severed off. Watch the gruesome aftermath of the vigilante justice below. But be warned, it is gruesome & may be difficult to watch for some.

It’s amazing how many Columbians still take a chance at stealing other people’s property. They must know the severity of the punishment they will possibly endure, yet they risk it anyway.

As of now, It’s unknown what ended up happening to the man. However, if more information becomes available I will post an update.