Ectolife Claims Baby Farms Aren’t As Far Off As You Might Imagine

Ectolife Claims Baby Farms Aren’t As Far Off As You Might Imagine

The creepy future the below video proposes is closer than anyone imagines. Watch the disturbing video and find out how close we are to having this dystopian future being our reality.

Dystopian Future, Check!

According to Hashem Al-Ghaili baby farms aren’t as far away as you might think. Actually, the idea of huge baby farms aren’t out of the reach of today’s science, says Al-Ghaili.

From being able to replicate the ideal gestation conditions in a temperature-controlled, infection-free womb with a view. An artificial umbilical cord can provide oxygen and nutrition as the tot floats in artificial amniotic fluid, continually refreshed with precisely tailored hormones, antibodies and growth factors. Baby waste products can be removed, run through a bioreactor and enzymatically converted back into “a steady and sustainable supply of fresh nutrients.” Yummo.

Ectolife Claims Baby Farms Aren't As Far Off As You Might Imagine

Little speakers can make sure the tyke is getting the best possible brain nutrition, too. We’re talking all the classical music it can handle (which may be more than the parents can handle), as well as your own soothing voice piped in as well, to start building that invaluable bond.

Vital signs will constantly be monitored – as, rather forebodingly, will physical defects and genetic abnormalities. Real-time data on your little Tamagotchi will pop up through a phone app, along with a live HD fetus cam and the ability to scroll through time-lapse videos of your child’s development from embryo to nine months……And potentially, beyond.

Human babies are among the most helpless and underdeveloped in the animal kingdom. Why can’t we pop out of the womb and take our wobbly first steps five minutes later, like a calf does? It’s because our brains are too big for the human female hip gap; we’re born undercooked, with soft, pliable skulls, several months behind other animals developmentally. But in an EctoLife EZ-Womb, there’s no such biological limit. You could experiment with much longer gestational periods, the results might be terrific.

Ectolife Claims Baby Farms Aren't As Far Off As You Might Imagine

If this all sounds a little impersonal, cold and disconnected to you, Al-Ghaili has more technology to soothe your mind. Think you might miss the feeling of the baby kicking? Boom. A haptic suit can bring that sensation back for any parent that wants it, and only when they want it. Want to see the beginning of life from your kid’s point of view? Whack on a VR headset and tune in to a 360-degree camera any time you like.

What’s more, if you don’t dig the idea of your precious bundle of joy being grown in a 400-pod baby lab, at a baby farm boasting 75 of those labs and pumping out 30,000 babies a year, you can have a battery-powered pod installed in your own home. Heck, keep it there post-birth to get some little brothers and sisters happening.

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