Hand Sanitizer is the household multitool : Fact List

The number of ways hand sanitizer can be used around the house is simply amazing. They usefulness of this simple product definitely surprised me. Let’s get to it!

Clean your diamond ring

Diamond ring

While not all gemstones are candidates for cleaning by hand sanitizer, diamonds can withstand the process and the results will be sparkling. Avoid using sanitizer if the setting is gold- or silver-plated, though, as the cleaner can disturb the plating

Polish silver

Polish silver

Hand sanitizer cuts right through tarnish on silver, according to Taste of Home. “ Squirt a few drops on a soft cloth and rub away the tarnish,” they advise

Clean your eyeglasses

You could spend close to $20 to buy special herb infused “eyeglass cleaner” But if you have hand sanitizer lying in your reach, use that instead—it helps eliminate fingerprints and even hairspray from your eyeglasses.

Use it in place of deodorant

Bacteria is the reason armpits start to smell. Which is why it makes perfect sense that rubbing hand sanitizer in your armpits will keep you smelling fresh when you forget to roll on your roll-on.

FDA warns against 59 types of hand sanitizer

Acne Relief

The inflammation you get with a pimple is caused in part by bacteria on your skin, so dab a bit of hand sanitizer on that spot, and feel immediate relief. Try it on bug bites, too!

As a dry shampoo

With dry shampoo you can spray a little on to make your hair look fresh-washed when you don’t have time for washing and blow-drying. But if you’re out of dry shampoo, try some hand sanitizer: Simply squeeze a bit out onto your fingertips and massage lightly into your roots, and your hair will look just as good

Clean your flat iron

If you haven’t cleaned the surface of your flat iron in a while, grab your hand sanitizer and get to work. The iron can be coated not only with hair products but bacteria. After the iron cools down, smear on some hand sanitizer, wait a few minutes, and then wipe it clean

Clean hairspray off your mirror

When you’re spritzing with hairspray, it’s easy for the mirror to get caught in the crossfire. Getting it off your mirror can take a little effort—but it’s easier with some hand sanitizer. Simply place some on a microfiber cloth or paper towel, wipe, and your mirror will sparkle again

Spruce up your makeup brushes

Who cleans their makeup brushes? We all should because there are at least 10 gross things that can happen when you don’t wash your makeup tools. Get your makeup brushes extra clean by rubbing them with hand sanitizer after you wash them; then, allow them to air dry fully.

Remove permanent marker from a whiteboard

If your kids—or you—accidentally wrote on your whiteboard with a Sharpie or other permanent marker, here’s an easy remedy: First write over the permanent marker with a dry erase pen, and then wipe it all off using hand sanitizer. You may need to do this a few times to remove all traces.

Get permanent marker off clothing

Yep, you can use hand sanitizer to get permanent ink off clothing too. Just be sure to dab at the stain, rather than rub, and place a piece of newspaper between layers so that the ink doesn’t bleed from one layer to the other.

Pre-treat stains before laundering

Even the makers of Tide detergent acknowledge that a bit of hand sanitizer can effectively pre-treat stains on clothing. Rub some in, let it sit for one to three minutes, blot it away and apply Tide, and then wash as directed on the garment’s label

Remove a sticky label

Just like hairspray, adhesive residue is tough to remove with just soap and water. Whether you’re removing adhesive residue from your skin, furniture, wall, new dishes, or a handbag, hand sanitizer will make the job easier.

Take the ouch of removing a bandaid

Band aid knee

Instead of ripping off an adhesive bandage, rub some hand sanitizer over the sticky ends to release the adhesive. Wait a minute, and then painlessly remove the strip.

Clean your keyboard

Did you realize that your keyboard can be just as dirty as a toilet seat? To address the keyboard problem, keep your hands clean, and wipe your keyboard with hand sanitizer on a cloth—preferably microfiber. Be sure to unplug it or turn it off first.

Clean your mouse

Thanks to its location and similar use, your computer mouse is every bit as grimy as your keyboard, according to CNET. Again, give it a little wipe down with a microfiber cloth and hand sanitizer. If you use a touchpad, give it the same treatment—just always remember to shut everything down first.

Clean your touchscreen

The fact that it’s called a “touchscreen” indicates that it needs cleaning from time to time. The best way, according to PC Tablet, is to squirt some hand sanitizer on that microfiber cloth you’ve been using and wipe gently.

Wipe down a public toilet seat

Before you sit down on a public toilet seat, squirt some hand sanitizer on a wad of toilet paper and wipe down the surface. This may help you overcome any squeamishness you have about sharing the seat with strangers.

Remove nail polish

Don’t have nail polish remover on hand? Clean up your nails with hand sanitizer, advises Bustle. Apply some and let it sit for one minute. Using a cotton pad or tissue, wipe away and then repeat until your nail’s clean.