Headless, Handless Female Washes ashore in Marbella Beach

A dismembered corpse appears on a Marbella beach: its head and hands have been cut off

A macabre discovery was made this Sunday, January 8, on a beach in Marbella , in the province of Malaga.

The corpse of a person has appeared floating on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the lifeless body of a woman whose head and hands would have been cut off to prevent her from being identified. It has been an individual who has sighted the mortal remains and has alerted the National Police, that he has sent a patrol to the area.

The body of a woman without a head and hands appears on a beach in Marbella
Around five in the afternoon, customers of a restaurant in the Marbesa urbanization, in Marbella, saw what appeared to be the body of a person floating in the water near Las Cañas beach.

They quickly called 091, and the National Police sent a patrol to check the notice. The intention of the patrol was to jump into the sea and rescue the victim, thinking that it would be someone who had drowned, but the police said that they did not attempt it due to bad weather.

Headless, Handless Female Washes ashore in Marbella Beach

When the police arrived at the scene, the tide had already carried the body to the shore. They were then able to verify that it was the body of a woman in her 30s who had been dismembered.

Her head and hands had been crudely removed, and her abdomen was cut open. The police have cordoned off the beach and have notified the funeral services, the judicial delegation and the Civil Guard, which is the police force with authority at sea.

Due to the state of the corpse, the investigators think that it had been in the water for a short time. The Civil Guard has taken over the investigation, which in these cases is usually very complicated.

Without the head or hands, there are no teeth or fingerprints to identify the victim. It is also difficult to know the cause of death. For now, the first step will be to investigate the reports of disappearance in the area to see if anyone matches the mortal remains that have appeared.

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