Hunter S. Thompson Facts

Hunter S. Thompson facts

1. Hunter S. Thompson missed his high school graduation … because he was in jail.

2. At the age of 17, Thompson was charged as an accessory to robbery and sentenced to 60 days in jail.

3. In order to get the “feel” of being a writer, Thompson used to retype his favorite novels in full.

4. Hunter S. Thompson’s favorite author was F. Scott Fitzgerald.

5. In 1970, Thompson ran for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado on what he called the Freak Power ticket.

6. Among his political tactics: shaving his head so that he could refer to his opponent as his “long-haired opponent,” promising to eat mescaline while on duty, and campaigning to rename Aspen “Fat City” to deter “greed heads, land-rapers, and other human jackals from capitalizing on the name Aspen”. He lost.

7. Thompson stole a pair of elk horns from Ernest Hemingway’s home in 1964. The horns were returned in 2016.

8. Hunter S. Thompson once used the inside of musician John Oates’s colorado cabin as his personal parking space for a red convertible.

9. Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes were shot out of a cannon at his funeral. Find out all about his ashes being shot from a cannon right here.

10. The funeral cost $3 million dollars and was paid for by Johnny Depp.