Facts about Reddit You might not know

Reddit has quietly become one of the most visited websites in the world. With a staggeringly large active membership. People the world over have been flocking to the site in droves.

Do you know how many active users Reddit has daily or how much of an investment the creators started with? How about if there’s more Atheist or Christian users on the site? Learn all of this and more even though some these Reddit facts sound like lies, I promise they are not.

Covid-19 & Reddit

There were over 50.2 million mentions of COVID, COVID-19, or coronavirus across Reddit.

Reddit user Average Time

An average Redditor has been spending 9 minutes and 29 seconds on each visit as of mid-December of 2020.

Reddit logo on ignorant facts

Beat Wikipedia, Still Chasing Youtube

There were a total of 1.63 billion visits on Reddit from June to November 2020. Reddit had a lot more visits than Wikipedia between June and November of 2020. Wikipedia had only 1.56 billion visits in that time range, while Reddit had 1.63 billion visits. However, it can never beat YouTube, as Reddit traffic stats show a comparison between the two, and the latter had 34.59 billion visits in the same time range.

Reddit upvote


There were 49.2 billion upvotes on Reddit as of October 2020.

Active Users

There were 52 million daily active Reddit users at the end of 2020. According to the latest figures and the number keeps growing every single day. It used to announce the number of its active users per month, and it’s the first time it revealed its daily figures. Just how many people use Reddit is truly astounding.

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Usage per visit

According to statistics on Reddit, users spend an average of 9 minutes and 29 seconds per visit as of mid-December of 2020. That’s leaving behind Instagram a bit, as it only has an average of 7 minutes and 49 seconds that users spend per visit at around the same period.

Meteoric Rise

When measuring a website’s popularity, it is prevalent to look at unique users and page views. So how many users does Reddit have? In this case, as we’ve already mentioned, Reddit has been welcoming more than 52 million users per day since Q4 of 2020. That’s a vast increase from the less than 2 million users it had in 2008.


Reddit had over 2.5 million different subreddits in December 2020.


  • 21% of Reddit users are aged 21-24
  • 23% of Reddit users are of the 25-29 age group
  • 6% of Reddit users are 50 years old and above

Redditors College Education

Since most Reddit users are between the ages of 25–29, it’s understandable that Reddit demographics on education show that the majority of the users have a college degree or more. Alternately, only 14% of users have only some college education, and only 6% have a high school education or less, based on February 2019 statistics on Reddit education level from Statista.

World map showing Reddit usage
Reddit by country

Country of Origin (As of September 2020)

  • United States – 49.69%
  • United Kingdom – 7.95%
  • Canada – 7.93%
  • Australia – 4.32%
  • Germany – 3.17%

Reddit is the 18th most visited site in the world

Reddit takes 18th place on the list of the most visited websites in the world. With a monthly traffic of 277,896,765 as of December 2020, Reddit ranks above Wikipedia, Apple, Netflix, Amazon, and many other popular websites. However, it lags behind the likes of Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, in descending order. These Reddit traffic stats come from the popular website indexer Ahrefs

And the 7th most visited site in the United States

In 2020, Reddit dropped to 7th place, when it was the 3rd most visited site in the United States in 2018, according to Alexa, Amazon’s web analytics platform. It was behind YouTube and the company that bought YouTube for $1.65 billion – Google at that time.

Interestingly, most of Reddit’s traffic comes from the United States, but those who spend more time on the platform are Canadians. That’s one of the many Reddit weird facts we can’t really explain.

More Male users

As of February of 2019 there were nearly twice as many male users of Reddit than female.

More Atheist

r/atheism has 2,690,544 users subscribed to it. That’s almost 2.5 million more than r/Christianity, which sits lowly with 301,975 subscribers as of writing time.

However, it is hard to conclude that there aren’t many Christians on Reddit – it probably means that atheists are more active on the site. According to Reddit post stats, discussions on the Christianity community center around topics and news on Christianity such as the ban of Bible downloads in Far East China. You can find out anything from the closure of churches in Russia to using a church website builder to create a site for your parish.

Reddit App

The Reddit app on Google’s Android Play Store has been downloaded 50,000,000+ times. Rated 4.5/5 by 1,882,374 verified users on the platform by the end of 2020, the app is widely approved by Redditors.

Number of Posts

Based on Reddit post stats, there were 303.4 million posts published across different subreddits in 2020. It only proves how much it has grown over quite a short time. It’s a far cry from its poor design during its first years on the internet when there were no selfies and other issues that distract users.

Number of comments

Reddit’s report shows us there had been 2 billion comments on the platform by the end of October 2020. It’s the sum of the comments of all subreddits in Reddit’s history up to that point. And that’s given the fact that not all comments are approved. Can you imagine if they were all approved? The platform would probably encounter various technical and legal issues.

Reddit became completely open-source in 2008 and turned closed source in 2017.

One of the more interesting Reddit facts is that it’s one of the most popular sites on the Internet; despite its simple design, so to speak, it has met the needs of many Internet users. And that’s mostly thanks to the decision to design it to be open-source in 2008. Today, the story has changed as Reddit took a U-turn in 2017 due to its inability to keep the repositories of the open-source product updated.

Dubsmash logo

Reddit purchased Dubsmash

Dubsmash—TikTok’s rival—intends to accelerate Reddit’s focus on video as they joined forces due to the latter’s recent acquisition of the video social sharing app. While these could well be the biggest Reddit news in the millennium, Dubsmash clarifies that it will run its own entity under Reddit’s brand.

MIT & Harvard Study

MIT and Harvard used machine learning to analyze 800,000 Reddit user posts on mental health topics, such as anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and depression. These Reddit user stats only prove that the people on the said platform are credible enough for their posts to be used by reputable universities based on their study on what could be one of the most relevant social issues about health and well-being. 

Start up Cost

The founders of Reddit received a $12,000 initial investment to start the website.

No advertising budget

Have you ever seen an advertisement, whether in the traditional or conventional media, which was sponsored by Reddit and for Reddit? Well, Reddit has literally spent almost nothing on advertising. While the site makes millions of dollars every year through advertising, it had spent just half a thousand dollars on advertisement by the year 2012. Indeed, one of Reddit’s interesting facts. Hilarious enough, all of those were on stickers! It’s hard to explain how it worked for them. We leave this as an assignment for marketers who have little budget for ads.

First Comment

The first ever comment on Reddit received a single upvote. The account that made the comment is still active.

Snoo Reddits mascot


The Reddits cute mascot is named Snoo, it came into existence before the site went live.

Fake accounts

This is one of the facts that sound fake and Reddit users are especially fond of it because it’s entirely true! The founders confessed to making a series of fake user profiles to give an impression that the website was much more popular when there were just around 10,000 subreddits.

Co-founder Steve Huffman was even quoted saying, “You’d go to Reddit in the early days, and there’d be tons of… fake users.” The site’s founders had stated that the hundreds of fake accounts that were opened set the tone for their goal for Reddit. How’s that for your collection of Reddit random facts?

Reddit earned only $8.3 million from in 2014 but still donated 10% to charity.

Due to the nature of its business model, Reddit earned a total of $8.3 million in revenue in 2014. $750,000 of that revenue came from the sales of “Reddit Gold” alone. Maybe you think this is a lot, but if you consider that Instagram had almost the same number of users as at that time and earned $800 million in 2016, the figure is still surprisingly low.

One of the most interesting facts about Reddit is that they even donated 10% of those revenues to charity. There wouldn’t be much left with required system maintenance, servers, and other expenses.

Imgur logo

94.6% of Imgur’s traffic came from Reddit in 2020.

According to Reddit history facts, in 2013, Imgur, as a beneficiary of Reddit’s traffic, hit 100 million unique MAU while Reddit still had just 70 million. And then Reddit struck! In 2016, they ditched Imgur and launched their dedicated image uploading tool. 

Despite this event, Imgur still gets most of its traffic from Reddit, a whopping 94.6% to be exact. After all, it was created with Reddit in mind. What’s remarkable is that other big sites don’t bring nearly as much traffic to Imgur. Namely, Youtube accounts for 2.20%, Pinterest for 1.05%, Facebook for 0.93%, and Twitter for 0.70% of the traffic. One of the facts that sound fake about Reddit, but true.

Reddit donated $1.8 million to Extra Life, Haiti, teachers, and Nepal in 2015.

Reddit’s modest revenues and high traffic doesn’t affect the good faith of the creators. According to the Reddit facts from The Next Web,1.8 million dollars were donated to Extra Life, Haiti, teachers, and Nepal to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2015. Also, 827,659 dollars (10% of 2014 revenue) were donated to 10 charity companies chosen by the forum users. It clearly shows how influential Reddit users are.

Well that’s going to wrap it up for now but if you have additional interesting facts about Reddit that aren’t included please put them in the comments below and I will add them to the list. Thank you for reading.

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