Florida Man Arrested After Calling Cops To Test Purity of Meth

Florida Man Arrested After Calling Cops To Test Purity of Meth
Man Arrested After Asking Cops To Test His Meth. Florida Man Arrested After Calling Cops To Test Purity of Meth.

Thomas Eugene Colucci, 42, got arrested on drug charges on March 10. The cops busted him after the Spring Hill, Florida, resident called them himself and asked them to test the meth he’d purchased.

Purchasing Meth in a Bar From A Stranger!

The series of events that landed this dumb criminal behind bars began at a Spring Hills bar, according to Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSF). At the time Colucci was at a local bar presumably drinking and having a great time.

When another man approached Colucci & offered to sell him methamphetamine. Colucci, who in his own words is a professional junkie, decided this sounded like a good use of his money.

The transaction took place and the other man handed Colucci two small plastic baggies. They contained a white crystal-like substance appearing to be Meth.

Colucci left the bar and went home to do some of his newly aquired meth. After taking the drugs Colucci started feeling weird.

Something was wrong. The drugs weren’t what they were supposed to be.

So, in a move nobody in their right mind would do, especially not a professional junkie, he called 911 and asked police officers to come by his house and “test the methamphetamine.”

Man Arrested After Asking Cops To Test His Meth

Test My Drugs, Please

The HCSF couldn’t let the bizarre request go unanswered. Deputies arrived at Colucci’s house and the man greeted them, concerned but otherwise happy the cops were there.

He told the cops his story about how he’d purchased the drugs and how they didn’t seem right. But how did Colucci know what sensations meth should produce, the cops asked.

The man told them that he was an expert on the subject (pun intended) at hand. Colucci assured the cops that he was an “experienced drug user” who’d done his fair share of meth and “knew what it should feel like.”

You have to appreciate the man’s honesty.

Colucci handed the two drug baggies to the deputies. Despite its appearance, he suspected that the substance might not be meth, but bath salts.

To confirm his suspicions, he asked the cops to give the drugs a field test. Colucci explained that he didn’t want other people to purchase and consume potentially dangerous fake drugs.

And if the drugs indeed were fake, Colucci requested that the cops find and arrest the seller of the fake drugs.

Luckily (maybe) for anyone else who may have bought drugs from the same man, the field test confirmed the baggies did indeed contain methamphetamine.

Nonetheless, the cops asked Colucci to identify the dealer. Unfortunately, he couldn’t — he didn’t even know the guy’s name.

Arrested for Trying To Help the next Addict

With the mystery of the drugs’ nature solved, the cops probably thanked Colucci for his cooperation. Then, they promptly arrested him.

In another twist to the odd story

As the deputies took Colucci to the back of their patrol vehicle, the man suddenly said he was having chest pains.

The police officers took Colucci to a hospital where a doctor said there wasn’t anything medically wrong with him.

Colucci, now at the Hernando County Detention Center, has been charged with the possession of methamphetamine and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s being held at a bond of $7,000.

Colucci had to know what would happen if he called the cops — and he still did it out of concern for his fellow drug users.

Got to give the man a little credit!

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Florida Man Arrested After Calling Cops To Test Purity of Meth.