Man Brutally Beats Girlfriend Before Sexually Assaulting Her! (Full Story & Video)

Cases of intolerance continue to rise throughout the country, and unfortunately the Caribbean region is no exception. Security cameras recorded the moment a man brutally assaulted his partner.

In the images you can see both people walking and from one moment to the next, in a fit of anger the man begins to attack her strongly.

He even kicks her several times until he knocks her to the ground, where he continues to brutally assault her and stomps on her several times.

The victim is a 21-year-old woman who reported that the man had sexually abused her, after leaving her unconscious.

Apparently, the events occurred on December 25 in the Bellavista neighborhood, in the municipality of Malambo, Atlántico. Municipal authorities have already identified the subject and are looking for him.

The man could be charged with the crimes of domestic violence , personal injury and attempted femicide.

According to the commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, General Jorge Urquijo, the victim was located and is now receiving psychosocial support.

“She was also accompanied to a care center, the complaint was received and the perpetrator, her former partner, could be charged with the crimes of domestic violence, personal injury and attempted femicide ,” said the senior officer.

The Man Is Captured

The Barranquilla Metropolitan Police captured Isaac David Orozco Pardo , the man accused of violently assaulting his ex-partner, in events recorded in the Bellavista sector of Malambo on December 25.

The Malambo Mayor’s Office and the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police had announced in the morning the delivery of a reward of up to $2 million for anyone who provided information on the whereabouts of Orozco Pardo, who had disappeared since the day of the events.

The announcement was made by the municipal government secretary, Daila Marimón, who also called on the women of the municipality “so that they do not remain silent and report any type of intrafamily violence.”

It should be noted that the action of the aggression was captured on a video from a home security camera, which has gone viral along with a photograph of the alleged attacker’s face.

This Monday, January 2, the mayor of Malambo , Rumenigge Monsalve , rejected the harsh aggression of which the woman was a victim and confirmed that, after her complaint, today she remains in a shelter for her protection.

That same day, General Jorge Urquijo, commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, said that after the victim’s complaint, the alleged attacker was wanted for the crimes of attempted femicide, domestic violence , and personal injury.

The reaction of the civil and police authorities was also joined by those of the National Women’s Oversight Office and Red Mujeres Movimiento, organizations that announced that they will monitor and accompany the case in question.

“It is unheard of that these events continue to occur because with treachery and hatred they hit or mistreat a woman. In Malambo , no one saw, no one left, and this attempted femicide cannot go unpunished, we call on the public to denounce the acts of femicidal violence and to the competent authorities to follow up according to their responsibilities,” they said in a statement. .