17 Ignorant Questions we’d all like answered

Why’s the ocean blue or ships white? Why does rain make us drowsy or dogs lick our face? Everyone’s had questions about daily life cross their minds and as quickly as they appear they disappear and we never find an answer. Forgetting about it until years later when we are asking ourselves the same question again.

Well, today I’m going to answer some of those questions. I know you’ve been curious about some of these in the past. If you have an interesting question you’d like me to tackle, don’t hesitate, comment below and I’ll find an answer.

Why are storm clouds dark?

Storm clouds may seem to turn dark, but it’s just an illusion. Thin clouds on a sunny day let the light through and scatter all the colors of the light spectrum. This makes us perceive the clouds as white. But the thicker clouds are and the more water they contain, the less light they transmit. Thus, they look darker.

Why do leaves change colors?

Well, laves don’t really change colors – they just lose their green pigment. The green usually masks the others (red, orange, yellow), so without it, those warmer hues become visible. And leaves lose this green pigment (chlorophyll) in the fall because there’s less sunlight the chlorophyll can turn into food.

Why does my dog lick me?

Your dog licks you because it makes them feel good! It releases endorphins in the animal’s body, making your pooch feel safe, comfortable, and happy. It also relieves most of the stress your pet feels. Plus, licking is one of the ways your doggie can show you affection.

Why do cats lick themselves?

Cats regularly lick themselves to prevent skin oils from gathering on their fur. But it also makes their coats less waterproof than, say, a dog’s. That’s why when cats get wet, their fur becomes very heavy, and they don’t like it one bit!

Why is the day after Thanksgiving called Black Friday?

No one knows for sure why we call it Black Friday. Probably because stores now open in the middle of the night, but originally, it was likely used to describe all the heavy traffic happening on this day. 

Why does rain make us sleepy?

Rain makes you drowsy because the sky is overcast, and without sunlight, your body produces melatonin – the very hormone that makes you sleepy at night. The rhythmic rain sound is comforting and creates so-called pink noise which decreases your brain activity and improves your sleep quality. 

Why is the ocean blue?

The ocean isn’t blue, per se – it just seems like it. Its trademark blueish hue appears because the water absorbs all colors from the warmer part of the light spectrum – yellow, orange, and red. This works like a filter that leaves behind the blue green color we can see. 

Why is ocean water salty?

Most salt in oceans and seas comes from land. Rainwater, which is a bit acidic, flows over rocks and erodes them. The water collects the dissolved salt and other minerals, but it’s still drinkable at this point! Once it gets to the ocean, some minerals get removed from the water, but not the salt. Additional saltiness comes from underwater volcanic activity and hydrothermal vents.

Why does our stomach growl when we’re hungry?

Your stomach “growls” when you’re hungry because your digestive muscles are contracting to warm-up in preparation for a coming meal. They continue to contract even after you eat. You just can’t hear it anymore because the food in your stomach is muffling the sound.

Why does driving make me drowsy?

Driving already makes you drowsier after 15 minutes into your trip. The reason is your seat vibrating at low frequencies, lulling your body and brain. And in half an hour, you can start having problems with alertness – even if you’re well rested!

Why does our hair turn gray with age?

As people get older, their hair follicles start to lose pigment cells. That’s why their hair gets more and more silver, white, or gray. But this process doesn’t just happen because of age – people can start losing their hair color at any stage in life!

Why are planets round?

Most big space objects like planets and stars are round because of gravity. It pulls all the material from the edges toward the center. It’s equal around the entire object, smoothing out jagged angles on all sides. But if a space body is too small, like an asteroid, its mass and gravity aren’t strong enough to form a spherical shape. 

Is it true hot water puts out a fire better than cold?

The temperature of the water you use to extinguish a fire does matter. And surprisingly, hot water can put out the flames faster than cold. Coldwater won’t start working until it absorbs enough heat to achieve the boiling point of 212°F, and that’s a waste of precious time. Hot water is already near its boiling point, so it starts to work sooner. But just FYI, the time difference is too small to run around in search of hot water if you have a fire at hand. You can use cold water too! 

Why do emergency vehicles use red & blue lights?

Many emergency services use two flashing lights: red and blue. The red one adds the feeling of urgency to the situation. It’s associated with warning and danger and is one of the most noticeable colors. But this color can get lost in heavy traffic since most cars have red tail lights. That’s when blue comes in handy. Plus, using both red and blue lights helps alert even colorblind drivers. Usually, when a colorblind person can’t see red, they see blue, and vice versa.

Why are most ships white?

Most cruise ships are white because they typically sail in hot tropical climates. The white paint reflects sunlight better than any other color and keeps the ship nice and cool. The same goes for airplanes up there above the clouds with the sun shining directly on them! 

Why does cheese have holes?

The holes in some types of cheese are made by bacteria used in the production process. When cheese is almost ready, these bacteria release carbon dioxide. While escaping, this gas forms bubbles that later become the cheese’s “eyes.” 

Why does rain smell so good?

Fresh rain falling on dry ground smells so nice thanks to a unique mixture of ozone, plant oils, and bacterial spores. Oils gather in dry soil and rocks during a drought. After a rainstorm, they mix and release into the air. And, doesn’t it smell so good? 

That’s all I’ll be answering today (10-23-2021) but I’ll be updating and adding to this list. If you have a question you’d like me to look into please comment below.