The moment when a woman is crushed by a train was filmed!

A woman was fatally injured at the railway crossing. Railway traffic was temporarily stopped, between the towns of Pasărea and Brănești.

The video taken by the man can be seen below.

The woman crossed the railroad tracks and was fatally run over by the train.

She did not respect the sound signals and ran across the crossing, being hit by the train at the last moment.

The whole moment was filmed by a witness, who was later taken to the Police headquarters to give more explanations.

“National Railway Company “CFR” SA informs you that the railway traffic was temporarily stopped, between 10:22 – 12:07 (line II) and 10:22 – 13:14 (line I), on the SRCF Bucharest line , between Pasărea and Brănești, at the level crossing located at km 27+880, because of a female person who was fatally injured by the IC 538 train (running on the Brașov – Constanța route)”, reports CFR.