TikTok User Curt Skelton Revealed to be A Liar and Seems Proud of It!

TikTok User Curt Skelton Reveals They Are A Liar and Seem Proud of It!
TikTok User Curt Skelton Reveals They Are A Liar and Seem Proud of It!

A viral TikTok account by user Curt Skelton has revealed to their 200,000 followers that they are actually an AI-generated program. Leaving the Tiktokers loyal following dumbfounded.

Skelton has posted hundreds of videos of impressive visual arts and graphic design. However, the latest video revealed that he has actually been a girl by the name of Zahara this whole time.

She Gotcha!

The video begins with Skelton asking if AI-generated people could exist in the future and then goes on to claim he’s been AI this whole time as he morphs into Zahara.

The rest of the video is Zahara explaining their method of creating believable AI.

Zahara says she used the app DALL-E to generate a believable face from Conan O’Brien, Ed Sheeran, and Matt Smith. She used deep-fake and an animation program to create the personality of Skelton.

Or did she?

While impressive, it turns out that Skelton is in fact a real person. They created the project as a prank and a means to promote their graphic design backgrounds.

Many people on TikTok were genuinely confused, and rightfully so, these people are so dishonest you don’t even know if they exist, wtf?

Even after the so called “prank” (To me it’s a lie, not a prank) was revealed, many people were still convinced that Skelton was a deep fake.

Internet sleuths started digging a little deeper and found that Skelton had been posting on TikTok long before the Dall-E App was created.

While the deep-fake videos of Tom Cruise have been proven real, it’s hard to blame anyone for believing this. AI technology has come so far and it’s probably getting quite close to what these people did in their video.

To end I’ll just say, a lie, is a lie, is a lie!