Woman Stabs Husband During A Domestic Abuse Assault

Woman Stabs Husband During A Domestic Abuse Assault

To escape being yet another victim of femicide, a married woman had to react to the cowardly aggression she was suffering at home and stabbed her bully husband.

The bloody occurrence involving the couple took place in the neighborhood of Novo Aleixo, Manaus, Brazil.

According to preliminary information, the husband arrived home drunk and began to beat his wife, who was awaked with a punch to the face.

Kicks, slaps and punches caused the woman’s head to bleed. She couldn’t stand the beating any longer and, believing she was in danger of losing her life, grabbed a knife and stabbed her husband in the chest.

The couple’s teenage daughter screamed for help and some neighbors entered the house where they found the woman full of bruises and her husband lying in the doorway of the room covered in blood.

The husband is serious condition & could possibly die according to doctor Platão Araújothe.

The woman, who also suffered injuries was bleeding from her head and face, received help from the medical team but did not need to be taken to a hospital.

The case has been registered as an attempted murder, however, according to the testimony of their teenage daughter, that the woman acted in self-defense.