The employee, identified only by the initials A.G., entered the enclosure at a zoo in Andijan earlier this month to feed the bear, when he neglected to secure a gate separating him and the beast.

The zookeeper then quickly tries to scurry out the exit, but the bear pounces on him, the footage shows.

The man is knocked onto the ground and can be seen trying to free himself as the massive beast climbs on top of him.

Two other zoo workers eventually step in and used large poles to fight the bear off.

The bear then drags the feeder’s limp body toward the center of the enclosure, continuing its horrifying attack as other zookeepers begin to take notice.

The workers attempt to throw wooden planks and stones at the bear from outside of the enclosure before two of them decide to enter, according to the video.

The footage shows the two brave zookeepers using long poles to fend off the crazed creature.

However, their coworker tragically suffered “severe injuries” and couldn’t be saved.